Engineered Combustion Systems develops custom combustion systems for a diverse range of gas supply, monitoring or heat transfer applications. We have a reputation for building quality equipment solutions using dependable components to ensure that all of our systems meet or exceed the strictest process requirements. We are now excited to announce that we have expanded … Continued

Today’s supply chain problems can mean serious challenges for you when you need parts for your critical systems. You need a dependable source for parts so you can keep downtime to a minimum and get your processes running quickly. Combustion Plus not only offers you a wide selection of in stock components at our Combustion … Continued

ECS Offers New Gas Train Quick Ship Program

ECS Gas Train Illustration

The ECS team is committed to developing application-specific gas train solutions that meet project needs and exceed customer expectations. Our new Gas Train Quick Ship Program furthers our ability to achieve this goal by

eliminating the lead time problems our customers might face with other suppliers.

Critical component shipment delays can quickly bring productivity to a halt. The ECS Gas Train Quick Ship Program assures that our customers will not have to deal with downtime and lost profits while waiting for the gas trains and industrial components they need.


ECS Expands Our Service Team

ECS Heat Exchanger

Engineered Combustion Systems (ECS) is excited to announce it has expanded its service team and is ready to better serve all of our clients…both current and future! We are now available to service all industrial combustion systems.

ECS has expertise in all Honeywell, Maxon, and Eclipse burners and combustion controls as well as other industrial combustion systems like Gas Trains, Pressure Reducing Stations, Heat Exchangers and Gas Metering Stations.


ECS Launches Combustion Plus Online Shopping Site

Engineered Combustion Systems is excited to announce the launch of, a new website designed to make it easy for our clients to purchase combustion components and replacement parts for existing ECS systems.

The new Combustion-Plus site allows users to get the parts they need from the best manufacturers, through our safe, secure, and factory authorized online sales. Registering for an account is fast and simple – all you need is an email address.

Combustion Plus product selections include (more…)

Ventless Gas Trains Reduce or Eliminate Field Vent Piping

Ventless Gas Trains and pressure regulators

ECS develops custom fabricated natural gas, propane, and landfill gas supply trains. Our team provides you with the benefit of extensive and knowledgeable experience in the development of gas trains, including ventless gas trains.

Ventless gas trains integrate the use of ventless pressure regulators. The main advantage of using ventless pressure regulators is the reduction or elimination is field vent piping that must be routed out of the building to a safe location. Alternatively, many gas train vents have to be run hundreds of feet and require roof penetrations. Ventless regulators simplify the system and allow for a cleaner installation with less (more…)

ECS Product Spotlight: Maxon OVENPAK® Burners

OVENPAK LE series and 500 series burners

ECS is proud to include Maxon OVENPAK® burners in our product line. These nozzle-mixing gas burners are suitable for use where clean combustion and high turndown are necessary.

Simple and versatile, OVENPAK burners can be used in a variety of heating applications. The unique, compact design provides simple operation and allows for easy adjustment through its operational range.

The OVENPAK balanced pressure feature means the burner is resistant to firing chamber pressure fluctuations. As gas flows through the nozzle and through the inside of the burner cone, combustion air is quickly mixed with fuel to produce a wide (more…)

ECS Launches Newly Expanded Website

EC Systems responsive website

Engineered Combustion Systems (ECS) is proud to present our recently updated and redesigned website. The new ECS website features new and expanded information on our comprehensive line of engineered systems and services.

The new ECS website has been designed for easy navigation and to provide in depth information on our industry-leading equipment technology. The new ECS site is also designed to be mobile-friendly and present well on desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Products include: (more…)

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