ECS Announces the Expansion of Hot and Chilled Water Control Systems

Engineered Combustion Systems develops custom combustion systems for a diverse range of gas supply, monitoring or heat transfer applications. We have a reputation for building quality equipment solutions using dependable components to ensure that all of our systems meet or exceed the strictest process requirements.

We are now excited to announce that we have expanded our line of hot and chilled water control systems.  

Measurement and control are key components in the Air Supply House (ASH) heating and cooling systems used for large scale HVAC heating and cooling of facilities. ECS hot and chilled water control systems work in conjunction with ASH systems to provide the necessary flow and temperature control for reliable operation.

Our systems are precision engineered with dependable control valves, strainers, balancing valves, thermometers, and other temperature indicator/transmitters to deliver optimal performance. ECS water control systems are fully welded and 100% pressure test inspected to assure against leakage.

Coil Train
ECS hot and chilled water control systems are available with a large selection of control valves and actuators, as well as with threaded, grooved, or welded components.

Typical sizes range from 1.5” diameter pipe up to 10” diameter pipe, and the unit comes mounted on a rack for ease of installation. All systems are fully inspected and pressure testing prior to shipment. 

The ECS team offers you the advantage of our extensive experience in designing and developing hot and chilled water coil trains. We will provide you with a custom-designed system with a variety of control valve options from the industry’s best quality manufacturers.  

Contact ECS today to discuss your hot and chilled water coil train development needs.

Hot/Chilled Water Control System
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