ECS provides customized hydraulic and pneumatic systems and controls to meet a wide range of process needs. Our hydraulic and pneumatic systems are designed and developed to meet process specifications. We offer a wide selection of components, and we have the ability to work with overall system controls and feedback.

Our hydraulic and pneumatic systems provide:

  • Actuation of large RTO and other valves
  • Accurate position control with adequate torque
  • Position feedback through limit switches

ECS hydraulic and pneumatic system advantages include:

  • Actuator boxes featuring a cylinder, flow controls, speed controls, solenoid, and limit switches to verify position
  • Custom designed actuator boxes to meet space requirements
  • Can be designed to mount directly on a valve or damper.
  • Custom wiring can be made match the customer controls and wire numbers
  • Can be custom fit to any valve or damper application
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuators available with a large variety of components

When you work with the ECS team, you will benefit from our extensive experience in developing hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Your system will be custom designed to meet your process specification, space, and performance requirements.

Our team works hard to keep your project within budget and on track with the best possible delivery time.

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