Ventless Gas Trains Reduce or Eliminate Field Vent Piping

Ventless Gas Trains and pressure regulators

ECS develops custom fabricated natural gas, propane, and landfill gas supply trains. Our team provides you with the benefit of extensive and knowledgeable experience in the development of gas trains, including ventless gas trains.

Ventless gas trains integrate the use of ventless pressure regulators. The main advantage of using ventless pressure regulators is the reduction or elimination is field vent piping that must be routed out of the building to a safe location. Alternatively, many gas train vents have to be run hundreds of feet and require roof penetrations. Ventless regulators simplify the system and allow for a cleaner installation with less field piping required. Ventless trains can utilize traditional or modular style gas valves.

Ventless pressure regulators are available from many manufacturers. Two that ECS works with are Dungs Combustion Controls and Kromschoeder. Dungs is known for products that provide safe and clean gas combustion with innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and for gas engines. Part of the Honeywell family of companies, Kromschröder specializes in products for industrial heat treatment processes that combine energy efficiency and maximum safety.

The use of ventless gas trains is becoming an automotive industry standard, especially for large multi-zone ovens. They can be applied to most gas fired applications based on inlet pressure limitations and local codes.

ECS offers you expertise in the development of custom fabricated gas trains along with the benefit of:

  • Ability to deliver in your required timeline
  • Technical expertise to design the complete gas train and burner system
  • Top quality components from the biggest names in industrial combustion
  • Flexibility to meet your application needs and project budget

Contact ECS today to discuss your gas train development needs.

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