Gas metering stations measure the flow rate of gas at various locations for the purpose of monitoring the performance of pipelines, specifically where custody transfer takes place. Whether the purpose of the metering is for performance monitoring or for revenue, the measuring techniques used may vary to provide the level of accuracy required.

ECS develops main gas or individual system metering stations to verify gas consumption. Our gas metering stations feature manual or automatic shutoff valves and meter bypass piping for maintenance requirements.

ECS gas metering stations features:

  • Accurate measurement of gas usage
  • Identify total plant usage, systems usage or individual zone usage
  • Signal output of meter for remote or local monitoring

ECS gas metering stations are custom designed to meet application requirements, including:

  • Required inlet pressure and output type
  • Necessary system flow
  • Customized layout – work within space constraints
  • Adequate pressure and/or temperature compensation

Our gas metering stations can be integrated with pressure reducing stations and/or gas trains to save space.

As your source for gas metering stations, ECS offers you the benefit of:

  • Ability to deliver in your required timeline
  • Large selection of meter types from industry leading brands
  • Flexibility to meet your application needs and project budget

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