ECS is your source for custom fabricated natural gas, propane, and landfill gas supply trains. We offer you the benefit of extensive experience and expertise in the development of gas trains comprised of the industry’s leading industrial combustion components.

ECS gas trains are:

  • Suited to supply natural gas or propane to industrial burners
  • Available for ovens, air supply houses, RTO and other applications
  • Able to provide safe supply and control of combustible gas
  • Custom designed to meet space requirements and insurance specifications

ECS gas trains are custom designed to meet application needs and assure compliance with NFPA, FM Global, AON, GE GAP (IRI) and CSA requirements. Component selection is based on the specific application and code requirements.

Also check out our Quick Ship Gas Train Program, with 3 sizes that are NFPA compliant and ready to ship and install in 1-2 weeks.

Gas train system features:

  • Welded and threaded construction available from ¾” to 3”
  • Custom designed to meet the customer’s heat input
  • Manual or automatic shutoff
  • Pressure switches and regulators
  • Pilot lines
  • Control valves, pressure regulators and pilot lines

As your source for custom fabricated gas trains, ECS offers you the benefit of:

  • Ability to deliver in your required timeline
  • Technical expertise to design the complete gas train and burner system
  • Top quality components from the biggest names in industrial combustion
  • Flexibility to meet your application needs and project budget

Contact ECS today to discuss your gas train development needs.

If you need individual components, please visit Combustion Plus, our secure E-Commerce website.


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