ECS offers heat exchangers to provide indirect heating of air to keep materials of combustion from the process air stream. In addition to extensive product and process experience and expertise, ECS offers heat exchangers developed from quality materials to provide performance efficiency and long service life.

The ECS heat exchanger line includes the Exothermics and Harbridge Systems complete lines of air to air heat exchangers including cross flow, dimple plate, ER heater, Sinusoidal and RHT. These heat exchangers feature rugged construction delivering low total cost of ownership.

Our heat exchangers serve every industry that uses heat for processing, drying, curing, baking, or finishing products. Extensive application knowledge and sizing expertise combine to deliver optimal efficiency for your process through heat recovery.

ECS heat exchangers are designed to meet application requirements, including:

  • Required process air volume
  • Necessary temperature rise (Supplied Inlet Temperature vs. Outlet for Heat Exchanger)

As your source for heat exchangers, ECS offers you the benefit of:

  • Cost – Competitive pricing with all our lines vs competitors
  • Efficiency – On level or better than our competitors.
  • Selection – Multiple manufacturers and models available

Contact ECS today to discuss your heat exchanger needs.

If you need individual components, please visit Combustion Plus, our secure E-Commerce website.

ECS Heat Exchangers

ECS Heat Exchanger

ECS Heat Exchanger