ECS is highly experienced in the development and integration of combustion systems for a wide range of applications. Our experience includes the design, installation, inspection, and repair of combustion systems for a variety of industries. ECS specializes in parts and components that are integrated into complete assemblies. The depth of our aftermarket support is unmatched in the industry.

Gas Trains

Custom fabricated natural gas, propane, and landfill gas supply trains designed to meet application needs and assure compliance with a wide range of requirements.

Pressure Reducing Stations

Main gas pressure reducing stations for entire plant gas supply or individual system supply to reduce high incoming pressure to a lower pressure range.

Heat Exchangers

Exothermics complete line of air to air heat exchangers including cross flow, dimple plate, ER heater, Sinusoidal and RHT – all designed to meet application requirements.

Gas Metering Stations

Custom designed main gas or individual system metering stations featuring manual or automatic shutoff valves and meter bypass piping for maintenance requirements.

ESC is ready to serve your combustion system needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.