ECS Product Spotlight: Maxon OVENPAK® Burners

OVENPAK LE series and 500 series burners

ECS is proud to include Maxon OVENPAK® burners in our product line. These nozzle-mixing gas burners are suitable for use where clean combustion and high turndown are necessary.

Simple and versatile, OVENPAK burners can be used in a variety of heating applications. The unique, compact design provides simple operation and allows for easy adjustment through its operational range.

The OVENPAK balanced pressure feature means the burner is resistant to firing chamber pressure fluctuations. As gas flows through the nozzle and through the inside of the burner cone, combustion air is quickly mixed with fuel to produce a wide turndown range with a highly stable flame.

OVENPAK LE Key Features

  • Versatile oven burner with several sizes available
  • Lower emissions ratings than 400 series Oven-Pak and Ratio-Matic
  • Balance ratio design for quick and easy commissioning
  • High turndown for process flexibility

Maxon OVENPAK LE series and 500 series burners are known for reliability, performance, and value. They offer exceptional performance in a variety of applications, and are ideal for many industrial direct and indirect fired applications that require high turndown.

OVENPAK LE series and 500 Conveyor line for vehicle bodies

Typical Applications

  • Paint finishing lines
  • Metals and metal finishing
  • Air heating for ovens and dryers
  • Paper and textile machines
  • Food baking ovens
  • Coffee roasters
  • Grain dryers

ESC is a designer and integrator of combustion equipment primarily to paint finishing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and directly to the automotive industry. Our team uses Maxon OVENPAK burners in direct or indirect fired heater boxes for industrial oven applications, most of which are installed in automotive paint finishing applications.

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