How Engineered Combustion Systems is Serving the EV Market

Electric Vehicle Charging

The electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States was estimated at just under 918,500 light electric vehicles sold in 2022. This was over two and a half times more than in 2018.

As the EV market continues to experience rapid and unprecedented growth, new EV production facilities are needed to keep pace with demand. EC Systems supplies the needs of these facilities with natural gas handling equipment for facility and production-related operations.

EV Market Applications and Equipment

The largest segments of the EV market that ECS serves are automotive paint finishing and facility makeup air. EV manufacturing applications range from initial washing/prep to coating, drying, and fume incineration, to makeup air and heat recovery. The industry’s focus on environmental responsibility means low NOx process equipment and carbon reduction measures are essential.

We partner with the industry’s most trusted equipment manufacturers to offer the best technology, along with our experience and expertise, to deliver safe and reliable systems. Some of the key equipment we offer as suppliers to the EV market includes industrial gas burners and safety gas trains.

Industrial Gas Burners

Industrial gas burners are essential components used in many manufacturing processes to deliver precise and efficient combustion of gaseous fuels to generate heat for a wide range of applications.

These burners operate with a remarkable level of control, allowing for adjustments in flame intensity, temperature, and distribution, which is crucial for maintaining consistent and optimized production processes.

Industrial gas burners are built to withstand harsh operating conditions and are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure reliable and safe operation. Their versatility, energy efficiency, and ability to produce high heat outputs make them indispensable tools for balancing productivity and environmental considerations in a variety of industrial operations.

Safety Gas Trains

Safety gas trains play an essential role in ensuring the secure and reliable operation of industrial heating and combustion systems in EV production facilities. Gas train systems involve a series of control and safety devices and are designed to regulate the flow of gas to burners while maintaining optimal safety conditions.

These trains incorporate components such as gas pressure regulators, safety shutoff valves, pressure switches, flame detectors, and more, to monitor and control gas supply and combustion processes. The integrated safety features are engineered to automatically shut off the gas flow in the event of anomalies like abnormal pressure, flame failure, or other hazardous conditions.

This proactive approach prevents potential accidents, leaks, or uncontrolled combustion, safeguarding personnel, equipment, and the environment. Safety gas trains are an integral part of industrial systems where controlled gas utilization is crucial..

Engineered Combustion Systems Service the EV Market and Other Industries as a Dependable Supplier

As an EV market supplier, ECS offers advantages including unmatched automotive paint finishing experience. All EC Systems customers benefit from our custom design engineering, comprehensive capabilities, and complete product line.

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