Engineered Combustion Systems was founded in 2003 as a natural gas train manufacturer and North American Automotive Industry representative for the Maxon Corporation. Our core products, values and hands on practices have allowed ECS to continue to grow within the automotive and other industrial sectors. We take pride in developing custom solutions to meet and exceed for our customer’s needs.

EC Systems’ custom solutions now include gas, hot water, chilled water, humidifier supply, steam, pneumatics and hydraulics. We have also built a continuously growing portfolio of industrial component manufacturers, including Honeywell Thermal Solutions (Maxon, Eclipse, Kromschroder, Exothermics, Hauck and Honeywell Commercial Combustion), Honeywell PMC, Karl Dungs and Harbridge Systems. We have the products, experience, and knowledge to help develop any solution.

Please call us at (877) 818-3977 or submit a Request for Quote so that we can help you with your specific needs.