Facilities that employ the use of equipment such as gas compressors, turbines, engines, and burners, require a specific operating pressure range set by the equipment manufacturer. Pressure reduction stations provide the regulation of high incoming pipeline pressure to meet the desired equipment pressure.

ECS develops main gas pressure reducing stations for entire plant gas supply or individual system supply to reduce high incoming pressure to a lower pressure range. Our pressure reducing stations are typically employed for utilizing vent-less pressure regulators with a maximum of 7 psi inlet pressure on systems with multiple gas trains.

ECS pressure reducing stations features:

  • Reduce high incoming gas pressure to more controllable levels
  • Can be designed to allow ventless zone regulation
  • Allow for safer low pressure gas through the facility

ECS pressure reducing stations are custom designed to meet application requirements, including:

  • Current incoming gas pressure
  • Desired/required outgoing gas pressure
  • Required maximum flow of gas

Our pressure reducing stations are developed using a wide selection of quality components and are constructed to work with size and piping arrangement needs.

As your source for pressure reducing stations, ECS offers you the benefit of:

  • Ability to deliver in your required timeline
  • Technical expertise in sizing systems properly
  • Top quality components from the biggest names in industrial combustion
  • Flexibility to meet your application needs and project budget

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