Engineered Combustion Systems (ECS) is a designer and integrator of engineered combustion equipment systems. We are manufacturer representatives for the equipment components we use to develop these engineered systems. ECS also offers a variety of custom fabricated piping systems, burners, heat exchangers, engineering, and field services.

Our engineered systems are designed to meet/exceed all NFPA, FM Global, IRI, CE, CSA and TSSA insurance requirements.

Combustion Systems

ECS designs and builds custom combustion systems for any gas supply, monitoring or heat transfer application. We use only top quality components to ensure that all of our custom systems meet or exceed the strictest requirements. Choose a category below to begin your search:

Custom natural gas, propane and landfill gas supply trains

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Lower the main gas pressure for entire plants or systems

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Indirect heating of air to keep a process air stream clean

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Main gas or system metering stations to verify gas consumption

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Liquid Processing Systems

Hot and Chilled Water – We develop welded or threaded coil supply and return piping trains designed to meet specific flow and pressure requirements with a variety of manual and automatic control devices for accurate temperature control.

Humidifier and Steam Supply Systems – Our welded and threaded schedule 80 steam supply trains feature manual shutoff, automatic shutoff, pressure control and flow control valves. Systems are customized for application and code requirements.

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems

ESC is ready to serve your engineered system needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.

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