Engineered Combustion Systems (ECS) is a designer and integrator of engineered combustion equipment systems. We are manufacturer representatives for the equipment components we use to develop these engineered systems. ECS also offers a variety of custom fabricated piping systems, burners, heat exchangers, engineering, and field services.

Our engineered systems are designed to meet/exceed all NFPA, FM Global, IRI, CE, CSA and TSSA insurance requirements.

Gas Trains

Liquid Processing Systems

Hot and Chilled Water – We develop welded or threaded coil supply and return piping trains designed to meet specific flow and pressure requirements with a variety of manual and automatic control devices for accurate temperature control.

Humidifier and Steam Supply Systems – Our welded and threaded schedule 80 steam supply trains feature manual shutoff, automatic shutoff, pressure control and flow control valves. Systems are customized for application and code requirements.

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems

ESC is ready to serve your engineered system needs. Contact us today to discuss your application.

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