ECS provides hot and chilled water coil trains to meet a wide range of industrial needs. Our welded or threaded coil supply and return piping trains are designed to meet the flow and pressure requirements of each application. These trains integrate a variety of manual and automatic control devices to ensure accurate temperature control.

ECS hot and chilled water coil trains offer the following benefits:

  • Accurate temperature control of hot water or chilled water coils
  • Proper flow control of hot or chilled water
  • A wide selection of component options
  • Designed to meet overall size and space requirements
  • Available in threaded, welded, or grooved connections
  • Available pre-insulated
  • Custom engineered to meet application needs
  • Designed with manual controls for maintenance, testing, and isolation

The ECS team offers you the advantage of our extensive experience in designing and developing engineered combustion systems, including hot and chilled water coil trains. We will provide you with a custom-designed system with a variety of control valve options.

ECS is committed to developing a system that meets your project needs and budget. We work hard to keep your project on track with the best possible delivery time.

Contact ECS today to discuss your hot and chilled water coil train development needs.